Omega Three Benefits - Discover Exactly Why Omega Three Benefits Your Body


Omega Three Benefits - Discover Exactly Why Omega Three Benefits Your Body

Improved Brain Functioning - The DHA fat that is found in the fish oil is also found in your brain, in fact, it makes up about a quarter of your brains tissues. The DHA fat in your brain is in the form of a membrane around your brain cells and by keeping your levels topped up will help to keep your brain cells communicating with each other as they should. Low levels of DHA fat means that you are more likely to suffer from bad memory and concentration as well as being more likely to have conditions such as mood swings or depression or even conditions such as bipolar disorder.
Reduced Inflammation Levels - Another way the omega three benefits you is by helping to keep your inflammation down. We all have various levels of inflammation as it is part of the body's defense mechanism, however, if they are not kept under control then we are at risk of developing joint pains and arthritis as well as becoming a higher risk for deadly heart attacks which strike without warning.

Researchers have determined that increased nitric oxide in the body reduces inflammation and the DHA fat from the omega 3 actually turns into this substance in the body. And there are loads more omega three benefits than just these. Now you may be wondering why I mentioned earlier that it would be best to have them in supplement form, and there are a couple of reasons. The first of these is that to really experience the benefits you would need to have a portion of oily fish every day. Using a supplement is the cheapest and most convenient way of doing this as two tablets normally equate to a portion of fish. Secondly oily fish is often contaminated, however, if you choose a supplement that has been molecularly distilled (this is the only purification process that removes the contaminants to make the supplement safe) then you do not have to worry about toxins.

The three types are DHA, EPA, and ALA. Let's start with ALA as this is the least effective and comes from vegetarian sources like flaxseed oil. Despite claims to the contrary, ALA is rarely converted by the body to the more useful EPA and DHA and works differently in the body as well. It is still good to take if you are vegetarian as with all omega 3's the body cannot make them so they have to come from the diet.EPA was always touted as the most useful fat but mainly because of lack of research and the fact it is cheaper and easier to the source, making the companies more profit!

All the recent research shows that the DHA fats provide most of the health benefits as they are converted by the body into a powerful anti-inflammatory chemical. DHA fats are also essential for the brain to function properly and help to prevent degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. If the body needs more EPA it can easily convert DHA to it but this does not happen the other way round and another reason why DHA is so valuable. Inflammation is the root cause of most diseases and not just the more obvious ones like arthritis. It is called the silent killer because it has no symptoms in the body and causes sudden death from heart attacks and strokes.


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